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Do you know what your wife is up to when you’re at work?

OK so I am on my way into work today and the radio station I have on is sprouting off about a Northwest Flight into Minneapolis that over shot the runway by 150 miles. Well 150 miles on a map is about a half inch, so not all that bad right?

Hell even pilots get tired and need a nap, or get tied up making sure their work schedule has them off for next Saturday poker game. I can’t believe the nerve of these air traffic controllers, trying to disturb these guys. I mean what’s the big deal, they finally landed and safely I might add.

Now the pesky government is stepping in and looking into ways of “engaging” the pilots during the flight. Don’t they have enough to do? It takes time to make sure those white uniforms are clean and pressed to look good for the flight attendants. What’s next?

At least the passengers got off the plane knowing they flew with a rested crew. Fly those friendly skies.

As I was listening to the radio on the way in, I was also reading a magazine article on the new growth industry and internet craze about women bloggers who actually blog about what else? Their infidelity.

This isn’t a newly created porn industry or business venture mind you. these women do it (in more ways then one) and happily for free. Yup seems for one reason or another hubby and/or boyfriend is just not doing enough to keep those little rascals happy in the sack.

So hell why not tell your friends, hell why not tell the world.

So I get to work and do a quick search and see for myself and well as you can see below, here is 5 minutes worth of work in the blogosphere and lookie what I came up with. All kinds of women who have the urge to spew their fornicating guts out to the world.


Ok I am sure we guys do it to, but doubt we tell the world on the web. We might brag about it to our guy friends and co workers, but damn if we want to get hit with a costly divorce. So in this aspect ladies, I think were a bit smarter. Besides we have all seen what a women scorned can do when she’s mad.


I multi-task well,  after reading and listening while driving, I get this picture in my head that I can’t get out. (a lot like a Captain and Tenille Song) about this lame TV series that started up last year on CBS called Swingtown, I am sure the reason I am thinking of it is because the show has pilots and loose married women as main characters. Anyway I can’t get this stupid show out of my head.


Why are major networks  deciding to run such dismal shows with even worse acting?  Swingtown is  set in the 70′s and all the major action takes place  in everyone’s else bed. Yet they cancel a well written, acted and directed show like Deadwood? Well there you have it, this is my mnd and this is what your stuck with. What does Deadwood have in common with Swingtown? Keep reading :-)


For those of you who haven’t watched Swingtown, good for you. It is disappointing to, because there was an actress by the name of Molly Parker, who came off a great series I just loved called DEADWOOD on HBO and she played the opium addicted rich widow. She was good in that. Wow what a bad career move.


So here’s the list for you of all those crazed adulteress housewife bloggers, I am sure most of it is R or XXX rated. Oh and by the way I noticed most all of these blogs are hosted on BloggerGoogle‘s free blogging platform, hmm wonder if they have good page rank?. We strive to blog about what’s important. Sorry if this post is a bit rambling and jumbled, I had to get this written and posted in less the twenty minute. So this is your last warning. OK have fun, till tomorrow, caio

Women Bloggers Who Love To Love

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  1. Wow glad I’m not married yet

  2. RT @ahardrain: Do you know what your wife is up to when you're at work? ##MOB

  3. richard @ weee recycler

    Chances are, the husbands are fully aware of it and having fun after work with their best friends….

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