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The 10 Most Outrageous Holiday Gifts For Men

Our annual Man Over Board, 10 most drooled over gifts, that will make your man go totally ape shit!! Give any one of these beauties to the man in your life and be prepared to see him act like a babbling fool. Or better yet, off set that brand new diamond necklace you forget to tell him he bought for you. Either way, you are sure to be in for a most excellent evening under the covers. That is of course, if you can get him away from the very gift Santa left him.

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10. Lantic Systems Gold RC1 Remote Control: This remote controls not only your video and audio entertainment, but also your web browser, e-mail client, CCTV, burglary alarm, lights, curtains, A/C and even allows you to supervise your navigation systems without moving from your favorite chair. It is handsomely finished off in a luxurious 18k gold finish. What better gift to give your man then this most highly prized possession. $55,000


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9. 18k Gold- Plated iPod Shuffle: Keeping in the 18k gold realm of wishes check out this 18-karat gold-plated iPod shuffle. The only thing that could top this would be solid 24k  How ironic to take this inexpensive pocket filler and clad it with one of natures rarest metals. Xexoo, the German company that does faitly well at finding and selling these gadgets to the rich even has one that is encrusted with diamonds, just add another ten grand. $10,000 w/o diamonds


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8. Tulip E-Go Diamond Inlaid Laptop: The Tulip E-Go Diamond notebook is inlaid with solid palladium white gold plates in which thousands (80 carats) of top-quality, brilliant cut diamonds have been pave set with surgical precision. The magnificent end result also incorporates a unique square cut ruby set in both Tulip logos. Without the bling, the E-Go (short for easy going) computer is even more innovative, using overmolding to enable fabrics, leather, wood, and metals to be incorporated into interchangeable, lifestyle-oriented covers that enable the laptop “look” to be changed on a daily basis as a fashion accessory.  The enclosures have been designed and developed for six fabric and leather laptop versions. The exterior aside, the disappointing single-core AMD Turion processor with ATI’s Radeon Xpress 200M chipset is not what one would think when spending this amount of cash, on a single laptop. It also sports, Bluetooth 2.0 and WiFi connectivity, and a front-loading optical drive. The display is a 12.1″ WXGA widescreen LCD which should be sufficient for normal use. You can use the DVD player to watch movies on the go without booting up the Tulip Ego. $350,000


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7.Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref. 5002 P: This Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref. 5002P is special for a number of reasons. Other than being exceedingly rare, it is the most complex wrist watch ever made by Patek Phillipe. The front side is opaline white with small embossed Calatrava crosses and gold hour indicators. Complications there include a perpetual calendar, retrograde date, equation of time, time with hours and minutes, and the moon phase. Turn the watch around for a remarkable celestial view. There you have the sidereal time, a skychart showing the placement of the stars, phase and orbit of the moon, as well as a 24 hour hand. $1.3 MillionPatek-Philippe-Sky-Moon-Tourbillon

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6. Alexander Amosu vicuña and qiviuk blended Mens Suit: When blended with pashmina from the high mountain plateaus of the Himalayas they create Vanquish II, one of the world’s most luxurious cloths. This suit has taken more than 80 hours and 5,000 individual stitches to make it a reality. The additions of nine 18-carat gold and pave set diamond buttons have helped this suit attain its expensive price tag. $103,000

Alexander Amousu

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5. Berluti Rapiécés Reprisés Shoes: Rapiécés Reprisés were titled for features that are absolutely the best quality and functionality. They have the essence of the traditional Italian and Parisian styles of footwear.  A combination of tradition with the modern developments of shoe making transpire to make these the most expensive shoe on the market today. Even thou the leather is perpetually soft and luxurious, I doubt you will ever forget these bad boys are covering your toes. $1,830


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4. Bang & Olufsen’s 103-inch BeoVision 4-103 plasma TV: B&O is the Danish provider of high end audio and visual products. Apparently it is also the only one of its kind that has a stand to lift the screen and tilt it to optimal viewing positions, at the touch of a button. The television set can be custom ordered from any of the company’s showrooms and is available in a range of colors such as black, silver, red, blue and dark grey. However, it will take about four months for each ordered piece to be custom-built. It also needs a special `white-glove’ delivery and installation. $93,050

bang & olfsun

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3. Bugatti Veyron 16.4: The second fastest car in the world and the most powerful. It has the fastest acceleration speed, reaching 60 mph in 2.6 seconds.  The 1001 horse engine sits like the Mona Lisa in the back engine bay, behind the rear glass to show everyone the stealth beauty that powers this beast.

The top speed is 253.2 miles per hour, a speed limited electronically to prevent tire damage (it can run even faster), it’s gas mileage is an 4.82 mpg, not exactly a green automobile. That’s what happens when you have 16 cylinders with four turbo chargers. I’ll take two.$1,700,000


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2. The Pelorus: This was a hard one to pick. The incredible beauty of the  handful of super yachts goes beyond my imagination.  But after researching what these ships offer, my vote is for this mega yacht, that I would like Santa to bring me. Namely the 377 feet long yacht named the Pelorus .

Powered by two 3,600-hp Wärtsilä engines. Pelorus has a submarine capable of detecting sea mines, and a anti-missile detection system. It also sports  Heli pad with of course it’s own chopper. This magnifcent ship is owned by Roman Abramovich, who also owns several other beauties.

Accommodations: Owner plus 20 guests and 5 staff. Crew: 41 (including 3 chefs, 8 engineers, 2 full-time laundrymen and a trained nurse.All this for only:  $140,000,000


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1. Gulfstream G550: Features the most sophisticated technology available to support the rigorous demands of intercontinental missions. From the unique engine design and highly advanced communications capabilities to the cabin that offers maximum passenger comfort and flexibility. It can travel nonstop for 6,700 nautical miles at speeds up to Mach 0.88 sets the benchmark for world travel. Nonstop business travel up to 14 hours is routine.

It can hold up to 14 passengers, has two bathrooms, 6 beds, a conference table/dining area, a few VIP leather seats and the state of the art satellite communication and sound system. $58,000,000

g550large (1)gulfstream1 int

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  1. wow nice gadgets and tech.. love this things..

  2. Yes they all make great gifts but that is assuming our girlfriends are super-rich. Your cheapest item is nearly 2k for a pair of shoes, which can mean 1 or 2 months’ wages for the average Janes out there. If we have rich girlfriends that can afford what you suggested here then I’m sure she’ll be creative enough with her money and not seeking gift ideas on the internet.

  3. Blade CX2

    The $103k suit is ridiculous! It blows my mind. The diamond inlaid laptop is also way over the top. It never ceases to amaze me to see the gigantic wastes of money out there today. The $140 million yacht is amazing though, I must say. I have to start buying some lottery tickets!

  4. Will @radar display

    SUPER WOW!! amazing! Love it!! I wish I could have this… I would be thankful if I could have a one day experience off all those gadget.

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