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Why Facebook Is Destroying Relationships

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, they all have changed the way we interact with each other,especially on the internet.

Twitter: lets you give 140 character shout outs all day long. No big deal, unless you tweet 50 times a day. Believe me, no one is that interesting nor does anyone really care about your every move, except your over protective mom. It’s huge and it’s growing but it is not the threat, that Facebook is.

MySpace is a lot like Facebook, maybe not as many bells and whistles. It’s been around longer then the other two social networks, which means in Internet nano lifespan it’s getting old. Not to mention Facebook worldwide now has double the amount of users then MySpace. As a matter of fact more than 1 in 5 people who accessed the Internet signed on to Facebook.

Before we get to the meat of this post, there is no doubt that a guy can access more women than the old analog world of generations past. But what guys don’t realize is the fact that women may be more digitally privy than you. While you’re sitting here reading this post, your girl could be browsing your Facebook profile right now and make a conclusion that you’re actually a jerk.

Facebook: For whatever reason, men put things on Facebook and think it’s cool. They put on this persona that let’s face it, is larger then life. He doesn’t have control over what is said about or to him. So guys you need to realize this and listen up! If your in a relationship, good old Facebook can help bury you quicker then you being caught in bed with your next door neighbor.

You had an argument with your best friend, you made a complete idiot last night at the bar, you know for a fact you’re smarter then your boss, you ran into an old lover and you knew you could have hooked up. Of course every “online” buddy knows all about it. Because you told them.

If you need to spew out any of the above examples and can’t keep them to yourself. Tell your best friend in person, not the world.  You can even whine once in awhile to your woman about your job or anything that doesn’t involve another woman, what she is wearing or your penchant for picking your toe jam while watching the Packers on TV.

OK, you got that down, right?. You’re feeling safe until you sign on Facebook to see your wall filled with the guys you were out with last night busting your balls for trying to pick up that blond after 5 drinks, that you thought looked like Shakira.  Ahhh , you see where I am going with this. You need to shut that wall off, or in the least restrict who can view it. But what happens when she asks you why your wall is restricted? If you have friends that love to write on your wall about your exploits, you’re fucked!!!

One of the best things about Facebook are all the interactive apps. I don’t know how many quizzes people send me to fill out or how many cows you can own in Farmville. Don’t join them, don’t become a farmer or a mafia hit man. This is going to lead you to one of two places. Either she reads the quizzes or polls and finds out things about you, she doesn’t like or you lied about before. Or, worse yet, you become so addicted to building your own cyber restaurant, you forget to cuddle up on the coach to watch that movie you promised with her that night.

Lastly, the old axiom “a picture paints a thousand words” has been revived big time, again to our Facebook profile. I know you’re not dumb enough to put up that picture of you crying profusely after you lost $1500 at the casino last weekend, after you told her you had to visit your very sick grandmother.  But because in your friends network  one of them thought it would be cool to show it, well again it isn’t hard for her to find out where every picture or sentence that has your name involved in it is.

Speaking of pictures, you’re mighty proud of your ride. It’s your baby, second right after her, of course. Then an innocent comment from one of your buds that is so awed by those new $2000 rims and tells you how jealous he is. All this coming right after you told her, “we just don’t have enough saved to go on that three day Spa vacation” she so wanted. How fast can you pack a suitcase?

Of course there are no scientific statistics for any of the above statements. But do we really need any? I know there are some good stories out there from our readers. Help a guy out and let us know. What did I miss? Should you close your Facebook account now?  Or open a new one and make sure you print this article and stuff it somewhere she can’t find it and refer to it. And by all means, make sure this new account is only given to people you know you can trust, like your Priest or Rabbi. Better yet, learn how to tweet!!

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54 Comments for “Why Facebook Is Destroying Relationships”

  1. I was going to comment the day I read this (day it was posted) and my mind wandered back to my templates (which have been giving me quite the asskicking, but I am pulling through). Anyway, I can definitely see these things happening. People start walking on eggshells because they think they have to and maybe they do for their partner's sake. Which could be a pain depending on the person.

    I can also see this as a gift for women or men who love to know absolutely everything or rather make drama over something that may have zero meaning. These are the people that will analyze every friend, especially the attractive ones. They'll create stories on how you know this person, that you are messing with this person or obviously want to. Facebook can easily become a great tool to use for badger your partner with questions, suspicions and accusations.

    Gotta love the drama hah. I have no problem with it though and like you said, people need to not be retarded with what they post. Although if they were lying about something, it is for the best that the other person finds out, even if facebook is the method of knowledge. Maybe it will teach people do have a few balls hanging around instead of lying, cheating, etc.

    I mostly hate Facebook nowadays due to the home page showing nothing but hideous baby pictures.
    My recent post Emotional Safety Net

  2. Spellchecker

    wow! why do you people spell the word “THAN” …  T-H-E-N? And please … the cushioned bench
    that we sit on in the living room is a “COUCH” not a C-O-A-C-H

  3. Enna

    Not only that, facebook can make u go to jail in my country! Better be careful when u post something politically/races/life threatning/bombing plan on the wall.

  4. Why Facebook, Twitter and MySpace Is Destroying Relationships

  5. Why Facebook Is Destroying Relationships

  6. Bri

    A douchebag is still a douchebag, facebook just makes it easier to spot the dumb ones. I’d hate to date the kind of guy portrayed in this post, he’s not exactly a savory character regardless of his online life. In a healthy relationship facebook shouldn’t have an effect on it, since ideally you would oh, you know, talk. Like in person, or at least over the phone.

    Facebook has it’s advantages in that it helps you stay in touch with people you might not otherwise, But that doesn’t mean you should post your every bowel movement and less than brilliant moment online.

    • I think the guy mostly in the article is a single guy. Most married men with healthy relationships, talk open and honestly with their partner. But then again, there are a lot of men who don’t have a good relationship and say things that maybe they should have thought twice about.

  7. Why Facebook Is Destroying Relationships #Facebook #SocialMedia

  8. #IsThatAProblem RT @bang_ganteng: Why Facebook Is Destroying Relationships #Facebook #SocialMedia

  9. I think not only facebook is a destroyer of relationships .. Are also other programs and online games that are more harmful to relationships

  10. brownExpropiator

    I wonder just why do you LIE SO MUCH to your girlfriend.
    try beig honest at all times and you won’t have even one problem. At least with facebook, anyway.

  11. Why @Facebook Is Destroying #Relationships |

  12. I enjoy Facebook! It will make me reconnected with friends I’ve messed up in contact with, also I’ve linked with a lot of new people as well :D . Through Fb I can write on their fb wall, email them, to see pics my buddies small children and also locations they’ve been. I am able to ask my friends to my gatherings, or just be invited to theirs events. And yes it makes a true friendship analyze. Knowing these people and they also apparently include all the others that’s a mutual friend but you, that notifys you how they really think of you. It sucks and it is a bad feeling, but at least you’ll be aware of fact and may simply ignore them. I love Fb for the games along with other apps in order to find it is just truly enjoyable however it is all to do with private preference really. Some people adore it and some do not. Instead of hi5, Fb 10 times easier to search out your buddies. Plus it’s lots risk-free too.

  13. Unfortunately people can’t help themselves and won’t shutup about the dumbest stuff on facebook. It seems to have gotten better or at least with my friends, or maybe cuz I blocked so many people I don’t see their inane crap anymore. Anyway people need a filter, especially if they’re in a relationship

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