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Hotels ready for the Super Bowl
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One day out of the entire year arrives, this special day when men of all sizes, ages and hair cuts, partake in what has become a national celebration. Yes, it is  also known as SUPER BOWL SUNDAY.

Do we care about what teams are playing? Mostly NOT!!

Unless it is our team. You know the one we follow all year round. The one that every man plans his rituals before and during the game. The team he first came to know when he was seven years old. When to his amazement, he watched his dad jump out of the Lazy Boy and swore at a man dressed like a Zebra and informed the TV set, that person needed an eye examination. That mantel was passed to him. And more then likely will his son, soon see the exact act play out in front of him.

He owns two team hats, one he wears and is broken in perfectly with sweat stains around the head band and the right curvature of the brim, molded from his precise bending using his forearm or other circular object. This is his work cap. The same one he wears, while lamenting on the way to the mall, with his wife to shop for a new microwave. The second hat sits proud, clean and untouched, except for the first day it arrived home, to be tried on once, just because!

This hat sits next to his other memorabilia, like the inverted snack dip helmet, the bobble head linebacker and the holy grail: that autographed piece he got from Ebay. With the necessary documentation, that the player actually signed it, with the raised seal and proudly encased in the 8″ by 10″ wooden frame.

Of course there are the extreme fan, who still has the unopened case of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, with the limited run of “his” teams logo emblazoned on the front.  Some even are lucky enough to own the neon sign that glows of his teams colors.  And when lit, the gaseous neon as dimmed, from years of use, at the corner bends of the vowels. It still hums the sound of the ballast one rarely can discern, when at the noisy local pub. Ddrowning out that beautiful sound, that can double as a sleep sound machine before bed.

Yes he has articles of clothing, whether the hoodie, tee shirt, scarf or best of all the winter jacket. Sporting the extended half glove sleeve ends and 14 pockets, two of them secret to only him.

But what truly makes this THE manliest day of the year, isn’t all the guys hanging out at the basement bar, with bowl upon bowl filled with every  snack known to compliment the 1/2 keg on tap. Nor the excitement of the aging rock group, who will be performing at half time. Gladly butchering their best classic repertoire to fit into the 4 minute time slot given to them. As this years hottest pop icon joins in to update the final song with the this years new dance move made infamous from Grammy night a few weeks prior. Some have even been known to improvise faulty clothing tops, to reveal what every women wears under their shirt, a pastie.

This is MAN DAY because every large, medium and small sized company has strategically bankrupted their yearly advertising budget, to reveal the 30 second spot that will become synonymous for the rest of eternity,  as the IT commercial.

Yes who cares if the game is a blow out, or if it is the quarterbacks first time making it to the big show after 15 losing seasons and battered knees. The opening National Anthem pales in comparison to the toad that talks.

On this day, the world is turned upside down. Our TIVO’s are programmed to make sure that all commercials ARE included. Piss runs are made during the high kicks of the cheerleaders injecting their spirit into the crowd.

On Man Day we wait for the next commercial break, so when Monday morning arrives at the office, you’re in the loop of all other manly men. Who now knows, a 10 month old baby can place his own stock trade while throwing up over his shirt and pronouncing slang terms better then Vanilla Ice.

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In accordance, we here at MOB,  salute our three most revered Super Bowl commercials from years past. Waiting with baited breath, on what new Cave Man or Animatronic creature will make it into the Man Day Hall of Fame:



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15 Comments for “NATIONAL MAN DAY”

  1. Probably the only game of the year that you’re not naturally timing commercial breaks to run back to the kitchen for more beer or salty snacks or to the bathroom.

    There was a website a view years ago ( or something like that) which featured gerbils being fired from a cannon into a wall in their Super Bowl commercial. Always thought that one was creative.

    Oh – and accurate description of the “second cap” – we’ve goy one here that fits that status.

    • LOL yes men are creatures of habit for sure. I have to say this is the first year in MANY I am not glued in front of the TV watching the Super Bowl. The internet and recording devices make your free time distinctly different then years ago. Tomorrow I can get to watch every commercial I missed and not have to sit through a 3 hour game, just to get to them. Although it would be different if the Packers were in the game. I would even get my good hat out for that one :-)

  2. Happy Man-Day Glen! I hope you enjoy the game, the commercials and knowing just about every other man in America will be doing the exact same thing!!! :)

    Oh…BTW…………..WHO DAT?!…….GO SAINTS!!!

  3. ann

    The commercials are definitely the best part of the game. Have a happy National Man Day.

  4. Well I am cheering on the Saints. And eating Tacos so am planning on having a great time. So all you Men have a great day.

    • Well Marg, sounds like your ready for a good game yourself. Yummy tacos, hmm so far everyone wants the Saints. I just hope it’s a good game for everyone who watches it.

  5. Happy Man Day Glenn! Gotta tell you though, even though I grew up with two brothers, ’twas the women in my family that were glued to the television on SuperBowl Sunday.

  6. Happy ManDay, Glenn

    I just saw it. In order for us to take-back, our Man-Hood…We have to buy a Dodge Charger.

    …I wonder if the dealership is still open? Crap, too late. I gotta watch, The Who!

    Where is Keith Moon, when ya really need him?


  7. Buggys

    Man Day? Hey, my husband and I are jockeying for the best chair in front of the tv for the super bowl! He does beat me out on being a total fan though. I only watch my team play rather than every games that is broadcast. Not gonna miss Super Bowl and the food that goes along with it!

  8. The Rooster Crows at 4am!

    Hi Mr. Glenn. I missed Man Day completely. I swear to you that I had no idea who was playing in the Super Bowl this year until the day of the game. That’s what happens when you live on the edge of a jungle in the Philippines. Yes, I have the Internet, and some American programs on my cable system, but I am so out of touch with my old life back in the States that I missed the Big Game. Your blog is my only anchor to reality. Thanks, Mr. Glenn!

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