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2010 Newest Tech Must Have Gadget


Their called OLED’s and they are going to be revolutionizing everything from cell phones, notebooks computers, TVs, to even lighting fixtures. Just what the hell is an OLED,? Well it stands for organic light emitting diode. And in the few videos I found, you will see just exactly what the future 2010 is going to sitting on our store shelves waiting to be brought home.


What makes them so irresistible is the fact that not only do they bend and fold and as you will see, they actually take a hammer to one and it keeps right on working and displaying whatever application you have it for. I  also watched one video where a guy was literally punching holes in the screen and it just kept working.  Their soon to be everywhere and whether it’s your new cell phone or in some lucky homes a 155″ Mitsubishi Wall of TV. We just took another leap in mens tech gadgets!


They require no back-lighting so the thin screen is like that of a drivers license and as bendable. Some other characteristics of these screens are the vivid colors and the fact you can literally stand at any angle to view it, without losing any of the clarity or brightness.

I wish I could have found a few better videos to show you, but because they are so new, commercials and videos are not yet available. Right now they are being fondled at every electronics vendor show. But you will definitely get the idea just from these two videos, on the versatility and portability of which this years must have gadgets will consist of.

Actually they are already selling in South Korea and Americans are going to be drooling to have one in their pocket or wall by years end.

They are available at some locations right now and the price tag is around $2200, for the SONY pictured above. But as with all new technology, watch the price plummet on these babies, because to produce them it is said to be inexpensive. A great word for all guys and gals!

Samsung OLED

Nokkia OLED

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14 Comments for “2010 Newest Tech Must Have Gadget”

  1. Oh goodie a new gadget. I can’t keep up with the ones that I have. But this doesn’t look like it is something that I have to learn, just something that will make all the other gadgets in our world a little better. It is amazing what goes on in the technical world. Have a great day Glenn.

  2. I really like that television, but I would need an addition on my house to fit around it.

  3. ann

    WOW talk about incredible. It’s hard to believe the advancement in technology in our life time. I want both of those :)

  4. I like the Way you can hit them with a Hammer and they don’t break how are they with Water

    • I believe they are also waterproof, except for of course the electronic end of it, I guess it depends on what device you are talking about. I probably wouldn’t watch TV while in the pool with it. But the wrap around phones, like the Nokkia looks pretty self contained.

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  6. Shit, finally I’ll be able to take a hammer to my cellphone screen without having it break. Always wanted to do that!

  7. I’m sold, can I have one? This is incredible, the cell phone alone is fantastic. I wonder if it is comfortable to hold to your ear while talking? Not much to hold on to. The TV? It’s a must have.

  8. You’ve gotta love a technology that blows away the competition and is less expensive to make – sounds like a winner to me. They should have released these before the wii came out – would have saved a lot of over zealous gamers a bunch of money…

  9. This turned out to be quite helpful – at first I didn’t agree with this but in the end it turned out awesome. Terrific tips for every man and woman … if you find that this info wasn’t enough, go through it once more and you’ll see. My very own romantic endeavors simply erupted – without words!!

  10. I like how flexible OLEDs have a faster response time than LEDs!

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