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Our Closest Friends The Canadians


We are hearing a lot lately about Canada and in particular the beautiful area of Vancouver. Where for these few weeks all nations of the world converged to celebrate and partake in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

If only the world could be so friendly, so caring and so humble, each and every day.  As we are during every Olympic, both Summer and Winter. It takes amateur sportsmen, every four years to remind the worlds citizens that we are all one, regardless of origin, creed or race.

But this post is not about the grandeur of the Olympic Games, but it is to pay tribute and to say thank you to our close neighbors to the north. With most of the world in turmoil, where borders define differences between two societies. We as Americans have been blessed with a nation of people, who since the beginning of both our great constitutions, have been there for us and we for them.

Today I would like to thank this peaceful giant and gracious neighbor. And to remind us all, how very lucky we are to share a border with Canada and to be proud to call them our friends, as well as neighbors.

Tom Brokaw helped remind me of this, in a small piece he did while I watched the beginning of these great games of this Winter Olympics. I would like to share it with you. It originally aired on Feb 14th, Valentines Day.

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7 Comments for “Our Closest Friends The Canadians”

  1. I agree with you,with one exception,these ameteur athletes are supported by their countries and or by big business in some form or other.

  2. Very well said Glenn, very well said indeed.

    Have a terrific evening. Big hug. :)

  3. This is awesome Glenn…As a Canadian myself having spent 7 years in the United States…I realized 2 things…one being that there is a huge difference in both the Canadian and American cultures and two…that the American people know little to nothing about Canada.
    To Canadians, America is a sister country and we grew up learning about the United States and its history. In saying… that I thank you for sharing this little bit of very resourceful information about Canada.

  4. Our Closest Friends The Canadians: via @addthis

  5. Irene Becker

    Our Closest Friends The Canadians: via @addthis

  6. Well thank you for this Glenn. I really appreciate your kind words about my country and it’s people. The video was awesome and made me, in true Canadian fashion, blush a little and wipe a tear from my eye.

    And though it’s true we weren’t always allies (heck we did burn down the Whitehouse in 1814), I know that all is forgiven. After all at the time, we were a full British Colony. And I am pretty that the Canada of today does harbor any such desires.

    The United States is a great friend and our peaceful shared borders are a great blessing. God bless America and all it’s citizens!

    • I saw that video by Tom Brokaw and it was so well done and yes you guys did burn down our Whitehouse. But that’s OK we rape you with expensive vacations when you guys come across the border, he he. BTW nice to see you again :-)

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