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To Use Or Not To Use Your Notebook In Class

Many colleges are starting to allow students to use laptops while they class is being taught. Some professors even embrace it to the point they draw up Power Point Presentations to help as a visual aid for their students.

On the other side we have professors that do not like such technology in class. Whether it be a cell phone or iPod. This professor wants every student to know his stand on technology in his class.

Now this professor will show you what he thinks of people who use laptops in his classroom. And he does it in a way to teach a basic scientific principle. Got to love those educators that are always thinking about how to help out their students. It’s quick, it’s fun, it’s expensive! This is supposedly a professor from OU.

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12 Comments for “To Use Or Not To Use Your Notebook In Class”

  1. Yikes. I’d leave my laptop at home. Just saying. Yes, he’s made himself very clear.

    Have a terrific day Glenn. Big hug. :)

  2. RT @ahardrain: To Use Or Not To Use Your Notebook In Class

  3. ann

    I like the way that professor thinks. I wonder if anyone ever dared to take one in after that?

  4. Point made. I wouldn’t dare bring a laptop. :-)

    Have a great day ahead of you, Glenn! ;-)

  5. Teacher gets pissed at student using laptop in class. Cleverly destroys it |

  6. Someone had left an anonymous comment with a made up email. But what he said was that I had an I stock pic at first. He was right I should not have used the picture, althou I did try to purchase it, the photo was from 2004 and no longer in there files. So I left the link to the picture which was a thumbnail and across the front of the pic of course read I Stock. I was in a hurry this morning and used it, and really shouldn’t have so my bad. Here is the new one with the link to that it came from.

    Not to mention how many pictures are taken from this blog and used in others, it is right that everyone should get proper credit. So Joe I hope this satisfies you and thank you for pointing it out. Next time leave a real email and I will be happy to publish it. After all I am ready to retire off all the money I am making from this blog :-)

  7. To Use Or Not To Use Your Notebook In Class ~

  8. OU – where laptops go to die.

    Oh – and someone had a problem with a stock photo? Please – are you kidding me – I can see if someone found themselves in an embarassing predicament in a photo and it was posted on a website without permission that’s one thing – but otherwise let’s get over ourselves – how is it hurting anyone? I hate that petty shit.

    You’ve been busy – new theme and all. I don’t have the guts to change mine, I’m also too darn lazy.

    • That seems to be the consensus Giddy. I either tried and fix the old one which was going to be replaced soon anyway, stick in another all done and ready to go, to get by, or bite the bullet. Right now I am just missing the instrument to put the bullet in now.

      I take three steps forward and 5 back. Took me most of the day to get the slider up and running, then to find out any new posts I put up in the slider are totally out of focus. I am sure it is probably an easy fix (aren’t they all), but as of right now, I don’t think I can tie my shoe laces if needed. I guess the last one what my brain looks like, the picture kinda goes well anyway. I lucked out on that one.

      The boneman cometh, but empty handed, LOL ;-)

  9. OU. Yeah it figures! I’m from Ohio and I never use a laptop in class. Although, this professor is ridiculous. If you want to use a laptop for notes, who says you can’t. You can come and go as you please in college. I understand people will screw around on their computers during lecture and not take notes, but why would the professor care. It’s hurting the student more than them. Why take it so personally?

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