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Coming New High Tech Security Seats In Airports

High Tech Seating
It was announced today that these new seating devices were on there way for all airports west of Salt Lake City and for some odd reason also the Manchester Airport, in Lancashire, UK. Although there is speculation that the Latino and Polygamist population is growing in numbers in and around Lancashire. Officials hope this will help in keeping any threatening underwear devices from being hidden from public view. It is still not known if flatulent gas,  can and will be diverted. (As seen in the video below) However the new video cameras for all bathroom stalls are still not installed yet do to Union laborer infighting as to who will finish the womens stalls at LAX. It seems TMZ put in a substantial bid to install and run all the ladies bathroom cams for Homeland Security and offered to not only install the mens bathrooms cams but also offered to monitor them 24/7 for free. Details as they break here at MOB.
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6 Comments for “Coming New High Tech Security Seats In Airports”

  1. That was a cool video. How in the heck did they do that. Looks like a gawk fest too. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day Glenn. Super big hugs. :)

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  3. Yeah, that was cool Glenn. Reminds me of the Mind Freak, Criss Angel, but different. :)

  4. I’m totally baffled by this. How is this possible?

  5. This remind me of things I’ve seen on Chris Angel’s MindFreak.

  6. It’s pretty entertaining watching everyone stare at him in awe.

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