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Babies & Celebs In Commercials Part 2

Our second installment of Babies & Celebs In Commercials we will see some of the creative geniuses in marketing today. Everyone is a sucker when they see a baby. Much the same way people are drawn to puppies and kittens. That’s why Madison Avenue uses them in so many of their campaigns. Here is the newest addition to a long line of babies in commercials. These babies are far from the old Gerber baby.

Today’s post we will start with the most recent use of babies in advertising. The first two are commercials used recently by Evian Water and the now famous Etrade baby. With today’s technology, what we can do with graphics in film can be disturbing at times and very funny at others.  These we can classify as funny and entertaining.

By the way the first time the Etrade baby was first introduced was during Super Bowl XLII on Feb 3, 2008. That is when we first met the baby sitting  in front of a web cam using a 30 year old actors voice as his own. The rest is history, he now even has a girlfriend. Oh boy where will this lead us to…..


The Iconic Gerber Baby


What a weekly grocery bill must look like?


WTF was Gilette thinking?


Who needs formula


Ronald McBaby

This was an effective ad in the '70s


Alpha Romeo in the womb

Baby Drinking Beer

Ready for another.......


They should revive this campaign

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10 Comments for “Babies & Celebs In Commercials Part 2”

  1. I loved both of the videos and got both of them too. Finally.

    Poor babies were really exploited weren’t they? Not anymore I hope.

    Have a terrific day Glenn. Big hugs. :)

  2. ann

    Have to wonder what made them think a baby would be a good ad campaign for cigarettes and beer. and then the gillette razor one, yeah, lets just hand out razors to

  3. I’m sorry, but that Ronald McBaby is just wrong.

  4. The razor one was nuts! I have to admit to loving the E-Trade commercials, sorry, but they are funny.
    I’m with Margo here, that Ronald McDonald baby was very creepy.

  5. Glenn–I find the inexcusable exploitation of Children, offensive. It is the last straw in the “Corpratstocracy’s” complete and utter attempted overthrow of our society. If Congress can’t pass Legislation to stop this, who will protect our children? I mean, the money hungry, Mansionliving-Farraridrivin-freekin-Idon’tgiveashitaboutmykid, parents sure the hell aren’t!

    Glenn–How much would it cost to advertise, on your blogger behemoth? I feel the need to be next to you, 24-7. If ya know what I mean? 8>/

  6. I am such a sucker for babies! Arrrhhhhhgggg!

    But babies endorsing cigarettes and beer? WTH!

    How could their parents have allowed these children to be exploited? These is wrong! If only these children could speak! They could have told everyone to go to hell!

  7. I had to laugh at the Mac Donald’s ad…..very weird indeed…..I agree with Lainy…babies being used for cigarette and alcohol adverts is crossing the line.

    I thought we were civilized to the point of not condoning child labor….oh I guess that was just another one of those technicalities…blah~

  8. I’m with Glenn. Really scary, especially the first pic & the Ronald Mcdonald pic. Something horribly wrong with tatt’ing up babies with corporate logos. If you ask me it’s more wrong than Jersey Shore!

  9. All really creepy apart from the Audi ad – I supposed the computer generated picture of a baby will seem less real and thus more receptive to the norm.

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