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If You Give At The Office, Wear Clean Underwear

clean underwear

Then make sure your underwear is clean.

After doing the posts on commercials we came across some really funny ones and some were just to funny to pass up and not share them with you.

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26 Comments for “If You Give At The Office, Wear Clean Underwear”

  1. Oh my…a big play on words for this video.

  2. gives new meaning to always wear cklean underwear that Mom used to say.

  3. Eli

    Wonderful and entertaining post! I could not say more, except to wear clean underwear always, in and out of office.

    Incidentally on my latest blog post, I mentioned your blog and give a good word about it, plus a link love.

  4. Truly entertaining! Man…you’re gettin’ better and better :) ….LOVE THIS NEW LAYOUT!!! (O_O)

  5. What’s with all the old fashion white underwear, colored boxer briefs are the way to go.

  6. LOL @ ewwwww @ that electrician…totally reminds me of an experience I had in Hawaii…climbed to the top of this hill to see what the ocean looked like on that side and when I reached the top…there was a man in a straw hat in that exact same position at the top….you cannot even imagine how fast I did a 360 and ran down the hill..I still have nightmares :)

    I had to wonder why there was only 1 woman with no clothes and the rest all men…does that tell us something about men….LOL

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  8. Well, Mr. Glenn, here on the edge of a jungle in the Philippines the lizards crawling on my walls stop by to clean my balls.

  9. ann

    Good ones. Love that clothing drive one :)

  10. That is so funny, Glenn! Your posts always plaster a smile on my face.

    Way to go!

  11. I’d not seen either of these. Bwahahahahahaha. They were great.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  12. lol who still wears them white underware

  13. It was a woman who headed up the clothing drive, the other women were threatened

  14. RT @ahardrain: If You Give At The Office, Wear Clean Underwear #MOB

  15. I didn’t watch the video because i’m not into that. What happen to men wearing boxers. I’m serious!!!lol!!

  16. These are some really entertaining videos. They were designed very creatively to convey these concepts. I would definitely freak out at the office if I saw people in their underwear strutting around like that. Nonetheless, these gave me a good laugh!

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