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80′s Dating Montage They’re Real


I was browsing for something and how I came upon the first one I couldn’t tell ya. But once I started I was hooked. I was laughing my head off on some of these.

To think that the 80′s are such a long time ago, makes me feel old. But regardless at what era these were taken, the men in them I am sure haven’t changed much at all. Except for the sweaters and hairstyles.

This was a dating service in the 80′s and , well see for yourself how many got a date….

The next one is just plain old Redneck. I spit out my coffee once while watching this one.

This next one is not only a gem, but as you will see in the video below, Ellen found a few of these guys and had them come on her show and do an update on their lives.  I miss  those Cosby sweaters, don’t you?

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18 Comments for “80′s Dating Montage They’re Real”

  1. Those videos are really funny. It was fun seeing Ellen’s video. She really is funny. I enjoy her. That jacket was perfect. Good job finding those videos. Wish I could use those ECs I won at Johns for cat food. Wouldn’t that be good. I was thrilled to win them though. I never win anything. Have a great week end.

  2. : 80's Dating Montage They're Real | Man Over Board

  3. LOL…I so needed to see these vids today…gave me my smile.

    Love the single OR not shirt :)

    I have to add ….these were some serious nerd mentalities…:)

  4. Ahh – the 80′s – funny how we look back now and laugh so much at the fashion, hairstyles and trends – much the same as we did about the seventies ten years ago. Great videos – nothing sadder than a lovesick redneck though.

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  6. Man-O-Man, there is a lot of stuff I would like to back up and do over!

    The dude from Abilene “Abilene oh Abilene, prettyist town that I ever seen, people there don’t treat you mean, in Abilene, my Abilene”. Can’t help but have that song go thru my head every-time I hear/see ‘Abilene’. Wants kid so ‘they can bring the beer and stuff’ You just can’t make that stuff up!

    Janis—O—Janis—-I know your out there—Janis!(?)

    Thanks for all the fun you TubeCruiser you!


  7. Date Chat

    80's Dating Montage They're Real | Man Over Board: Angelina Jolie He reads this blog so much, we never have sex an…

  8. So, it would seem that Mad TV’s “Lowered Expectations” segment was not such an original idea after all.

  9. I can’t stop laughing – these are hilarious.

    The Redneck from Abilene has to be my favorite….”so I won’t sound dumb.” Surrogate mother, Janis! Well, at least he was a LITTLE embarassed.

    “Who so binds himself to a joy doth his wing-ged life destroy.” WTF?


  10. Oh my. I would have stayed single. Not a one of them rang my bell. Yikes. The redneck was a real piece of work. I know why Janice left.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  11. RT @ahardrain: 80's Dating Montage They're Real

  12. hhahaha! quality videos Glenn, youtube is a wonderful thing, that redneck dude has some serious issues lol, no wonder he’s single! great post as always Glenn

  13. Holy Christ!!! The poor bugger haha…there is a reason that inbreeding is illegal roflmao!!!

    Janice…poor, poor Janice…..

    I wonder if his motto is “Stupid is as stupid does”

  14. Oh how I dear the music penalty from the eighties, everything seemed to be way author inventive than music.

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