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Top 20 5 Second Films You Heard Me Right!!

5 seconds

5 Second Films

For those of our readers who are on the run. And for people who hate TV!

These guys crack me up. Caution, they like baby films for some reason.

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19 Comments for “Top 20 5 Second Films You Heard Me Right!!”

  1. RT @ahardrain: Top 20 5 Second Films You Heard Me Right!! – by @ahardrain

  2. I loved the ‘flip a baby’ one the very best. I laughed out loud. And after the post I did today I should be ashamed, but I’m not.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. Big hug. :)

  3. ann

    LOL I liked the late for work one.

  4. Dheepak Rajendran

    RT @ahardrain: Top 20 5 Second Films You Heard Me Right!! – by @ahardrain

  5. HAHA. These were hilarious. Nice post.
    Maybe, I am really late in saying this. But your template looks amazing. Its been quite a while since my visit over here. I just loved it.

    Have a great Sunday!

    • Glad you stopped by, and thanks for the compliment. Next week I am thinking of going all black. Black background, black fonts, and black and white pictures. Wonder if that would go over?

  6. Now tell me again why those are so popular. But there are a couple that are really funny. Tossing the baby was good. But good post Glenn. Hope you have a fabulous week end.

    • I think they might be popular Marg because they last only 5 seconds, therefore if you hate one, you haven;t invested a lot of your time. How does that sound? Everyone likes the baby toss, I think we have a lot of perverted readers lol. You also have a great weekend.

  7. That’s all my attention span can handle. Some of the clips were hilarious. I loved flipping a baby and the 24-hour day reduced to several seconds. You’re site is looking great, btw. Also, I think I’ve had my fill with Entrecard. I can barely handle commenting these days, not to mention keeping up with the droppings on the Entrecard toolbar and in my yard from my dogs. The snow buried several layers worth. It’s time to call the Poop Patrol.

    • Well will you look at that, I have two Laurens in a row and both spelled the same way too, with an L, amazing. he he If the films are only 5 seconds long that would make the commercials approximately .000025 second long. I could deal with those. I definitely understand your frustrations when it comes to time and EC. I wish they would cut down the requirements to make it work, I would go back. I just don’t have that kind of time nor will power to handle that many drops and comment and write posts and on and on.

  8. I’m so embarrassed. I laughed at the Irresponsible Tio one. Is that bad? A little girl getting drunk on shots and kicking sand castles. He he

  9. Now, this is my kind of movie multiplex! They should do this in theaters! ;)

  10. I wonder if the Academy Awards for the 5-Second Films is only 2.5 seconds?

  11. Truly hilarious! Loving it!

    Have a fun day ahead of you Glenn! :-)

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