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My Mom’s on Facebook

face book

Hilarious parody on the big hair bands of the ’80s singing an original tune called ” My Mom’s on Facebook”. Enjoy from your favorite tubers


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19 Comments for “My Mom’s on Facebook”

  1. RT @ahardrain: My Mom's on Facebook FUNNY VIDEO!!!

  2. Bwhahahahahahaha. There may be more older people on Facebook than young. Oh wait, I know why too.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  3. D

    LOL….I just had this conversation with my daughter tonight as to how moms should not be on face book…except for me of course because I am a cool mom…lol…whatever that means.

    I told her that Facebook is not what it started out to be anymore…the parents and even grandparents are also enjoying the technology.

    So a note to kids…clean up the language and the photos because there are eyes watching you from every corner :)

  4. My kids are the ones who dragged me into it! Kicking and screaming, I might add but now I’m here to stay (until the next cool thing comes along) so they need to get over themselves.

  5. ann

    It’s probably a good thing my kids are grown otherwise I would have to ground them for some of the pictures they have posted on facebook :)

  6. RT @ahardrain: My Mom's on Facebook

  7. RT @ahardrain: My Mom's on #Facebook #Funny Video

  8. My mom still uses Dial-up. I rest my case. lol

  9. Jen

    That was so funny and my son, who unfriended me a long time ago, thought it was pretty good.

  10. Too funny…go back to MySpace lol…does anyone still use that? Fun video to start a Saturday mornin’

  11. D

    Yikes to My Space….how about Hi-5….now that’s a dinosaur :)

  12. My mom just set up a facebook account a couple of months ago. I think she is addicted to it. She is a picture nut and loves that aspect of it. i was very surprised by how many of her friends her age were already on there. I guess I’m gonna have to break down and set one up finally.

    • Boy that’s got to be scary, seeing all us old farts coming on-board to Facebook. Honestly though, it is a great place for many of the baby boomers to catch up and find long lost friends also. (Yes we have friends). But after a week or two on Facebook you will find most of us our age, playing the games, especially Farmville and Island Something or other. I actually use it for my blog, but have caught up on some long lost friends. Thanks for stopping by :-)

  13. Is there a Facebook app to see who’s ignoring my status updates?

  14. Charm

    My mom uses Facebook only to play games. She even calls me when she needs help and I do even log her in on her FB and now teaching her how to add friends. :)

    Charm Stevenson

  15. Wow,mom using the facebook?No…Something else for this ages..!=)

  16. Ernesto Clancey

    You might want to add a retweet button to your blog. I just tweeted this article, but I had to complete it manually. Simply my $.02 :)

    • Thanks for your comment Ernesto. Either you are using an automatic comment system to get as many backlinks as you can or you’re blind. There are many ways to easily retweet on MOB including the big RETWEET button at the top of each post. Seeing how this article was never retweeted it pretty much tells us you are using a mass comment spamming program which by the way we get over 1000 a day with, yours was one that got through. But we approved it so others know the retweet button is very visible and we made sure your comment will not get a backlink from us.

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