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Better Marriage Blanket


The new blanket that keeps marriages from being stinky. That’s right, the all new Better Marriage Blanket. Made with activated charcoal that will keep the silent but deadly oder from your loved one from reaching your nose. Not sold in Nebraska on Tuesday afternoons.

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14 Comments for “Better Marriage Blanket”

  1. You have GOT to be kidding. Is that REAL or a spoof…. VERY VERY funny!

    My sons often fart and tell me not to roll down the window b/c they want to SMELL it. I need a CAR with this charcoal stuff!

  2. ann

    now where was this thing when I was married to my first husband. He used to think it was funny to fan the aroma with the blankets just so he could share the full effect.

  3. What good is this? How else can you get your wife/girlfriend out of the bed on those nights you want to stretch out and keep the whole bed for yourself?

  4. This has got to be a joke. This is why we have additional bedrooms and lots of Gas X.

  5. And when we require dry-clean services? After one week or month?
    Depends upon person-2-person – HA Ha ha…

  6. LOL I know what’s with tuesdays and afternoons, good thing I don’t live in Nebraska. lol Just one of those well thought of products.

  7. That is hilarious. I can think of some other names: The Fart Blocker, The Stinky Stopper, The Hazmet Blanket, The Ass Freshener, to name a few. I wonder if there is a strap on model for portable use or if it is also available in undergarments.

  8. D

    Ok…now I have seen everything. If it actually does work…the inventor will be a very rich person :)

  9. I lately have been saying life is stranger then fiction and isn’t this the best example of it. lol

    Dorothy from grammology

  10. You’ve got to be kidding. Glenn! I want to buy this one, LOL! My younger brother takes pleasure in seeing our faces distorted once the gas is off from his ass, LOL! Now I am sure this product will be a big hit ;-) .

  11. Charcoal has been proven to reduce odor. So to use it in the blanket is a good idea. Couples will surely enjoy these kind of blankets.

    daybed bedding ensembles

  12. Raj

    funny as hell, man there r such innovative products coming in market theze dayz

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