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Don’t Mess With Texas Women & Their TV


This woman is PISSED. She doesn’t care who knows it and it better get fixed. Obviously life is all about her!!!!

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12 Comments for “Don’t Mess With Texas Women & Their TV”

  1. High maintenance isn’t she. Okay, she’s a bitch. There I’ve said it. Bwahahahahaha.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Grrr! She is such a heartless woman!

  3. RT @ ahardrain Don’t Mess With Texas Women & Their TV | Man Over Board

  4. adhd

    what a ****, cmon man the internet should name her and shame her, heartless whore

  5. Glennster– OMG! My EX is Texas born and bred (I know first hand about Texas bitches) you can’t paint em all with a broad brush, cause I have met some nice texas ladies.

    But, for a second, I thought could it be her? Then I remembered she ran off to Alaska with douchbag.

    The Criminal Minds SF, was a good one, I love that show. I have one word to say to this screaming hyena—You can catch the entire episode on HULU!


  6. ann

    Well maybe she is a bitch like everyone said but they’re messing with her show. I can’t help it I just have to be different….lol I can’t believe she had the nerve to call and go on like that.

  7. Sorry, Glenn, I think she’s hysterically funny! (But pretty sure she isn’t trying to be.)

  8. I don’t want to be in trouble with Texas bitches, LOL! If I may just add, she’s definitely a witch!

  9. Gregory Doran

    I empathize with the Bitch. It is totally unnecessary most of the time that these fucking talking heads interrupt a show to inform you of bullshit that will not affect you or I in anyway whatsoever. This seems to happen frequently when there is a car chase, a little wind, or the presidents talking their shit full of lies. Call me a bastard and I will say I am proud of it. I would say the bitch was righteous. Then again what can you expect from the idiots of free broadcast television………..

  10. Number one, yes she is a bitch, but I would do the same thing if someone interrupted my favorite show-Lost for instance. Did she ever think about using TIVO to record the program? Either way, she’s either drunk or just talks, really, really, really, slow.

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