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Embarrassing Retail Fail


I found this intensely humorous gal on YouTube, where she has her own channel called intelligently enough Community Channel. She has a ton a really funny and entertaining videos, some with her starring in them and some using power point and alike. Oh I think her name is Natalie Tran, at least that is what her Twitter name is. (if it isn’t Natalie my apologies).

Post script, how about that her name is Natalie Tran and she is listed in Wikipedia. Maybe it’s me and I just don’t get around enough. But some of her skits are funnier then many of the shiws on TV today.

Anyway being a bit lazy today and being the great genius I am of simply finding some great shit to share with you guys and gals. I present once of Natalie’s funny vids, this one evolves around your credit card being rejected while in a retail establishment. Check her other videos out also. I am sure she will keep you laughing for days. She is quite prolific.

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8 Comments for “Embarrassing Retail Fail”

  1. You sure she isn’t on speed? Bwahahahahaha. She is funny though.

    Have a terrific day Glenn. Super big hugs back at ya. :)

  2. ann

    Man she talks fast, I’m with Sandee, gotta be speed…lol Cracked me up though

  3. When I have conversations with myself, I don’t videotape them and upload them to YouTube. Maybe I should.

    Thanks for sharing. She’s funny.

  4. Jen

    Is she British or Australian? I’m going with Australian.

  5. D

    LOL…seriously messed up~ I agree self-talk should not be video-taped for the entertainment of the bored~

    Ok Glenn…I will forgive you for this one…this time.. :P


  6. Another good post. I always enjoy reading your material.

  7. I find her creative and talented. She has the knack for being a comedian. LOL

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