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Team USA Putting Best Foot Forward At World Cup 2010

It’s almost laughable to watch USA Soccer try to talk people in to caring

FIFA about the World Cup in South Africa. Spain (+400) and Brazil (+450) lead the charge in World Cup futures, while England and Argentina are outside shots with +650 and +600 odds to win the FIFA World Cup in 2010. Hell, even Serbia is getting better odds than Team USA’s +7000 odds.

Let’s face facts. Americans only cheer or care for things that they’re good at. The country as a whole prides itself on being the best in the world, and if they’re not great at something then they tend to turn a blind eye. Soccer is that bastard child in the states that the masses haven’t jumped all over because Team USA hasn’t ever advanced past the quarterfinals at the World Cup.

Instead of pumping some much needed money and vigor in to their soccer program, the USA has been too busy building their own sports. Rugby gave birth to American football. Cricket’s the long forgotten great grandfather of America’s favorite past time. Basketball was invented by a Canadian. The USA loves to make things their own, just so they can brag about being the best.

First World Cup Matchup – England vs. USA
Saturday, June 12th — 2:30pm EST
World Cup Betting Lines:
-1 -140
O 2.5 +105
+1 -120

U 2.5 -125

Unfortunately, you can’t reinvent the most popular game in the world. America’s athletes by and large invest themselves in hoops and baseball, leaving soccer to the pansies and nerds. Team USA will boast the best American soccer players on the planet, but that doesn’t mean that we’re showcasing the best American athletes there are.

Rarely does a team for the states endear itself to the fans unless they have marquee guys on the roster. Soccer nuts are very familiar with the thrilling footwork of Jozy Altirodore. The media will probably harp on the relationship of father/coach Bob Bradley and his son/player Michael Bradley.

Still, Landon Donavan has been the face of American soccer for as long as I can remember. Actually, I can’t even remember who Landon’ took the mantle from. He’s a superb athlete and a dynamo on the field, and as a soccer fan I certainly appreciates what he can do. Every casual sports fan has heard of Landon Donovan, and Team USA continues to build their image around his All-American good looks.

No matter how good Team USA is on paper, it’s going to take some massive upsets for this soccer team to get noticed by the mainstream. The chance will be there when the U.S. meets England in their first test in South Africa, and if they pass that gauntlet with any grade higher than an “F-minus” then that will be a win. Just don’t expect the country to be excited about it.

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8 Comments for “Team USA Putting Best Foot Forward At World Cup 2010”

  1. I saw the interview with Landon Donovan on 60 Minutes this past Sunday. He said that he enjoys his anonymity because the sport gets little coverage in the US. However, he recently received accolades from British soccer fans when he participated in the English Premier League.

  2. We are football people in the U.S., not soccer people. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs. :)

  3. Hi there,I like your site and it looks very interesting and easy to read,really!. I came from Honduras. I love the Soccer and cannot wait till 11th June, can you?.But there is a problem camming from FIFA. It is that doesn´t choose the best teams in this planet for the World Cup which it should otherwise don´t call the World Cup a final, if you want to play soccer for the soul of competition then go to the olympics games. this is basically what the World Cup is turning to, and it su…, ire needed to beat brazil to be in and is not, jap beat lowly teams as bahrain, qatar, kuwait, to be in, is this justice I dont think so, just because you are in the World Cup it doesn´t mean that you have the quality to be in like jap can attes. Any way, I desire to see a super final on 11th July and my favorite winner team is Honduras,and my favorite player is Danny Alves.Good blog and keep going.Cu!

  4. Anyone else feel a little slighted with a 1-1 tie after all that buildup?

  5. Wow, very intresting sports bettingsite, good job site bookmarked

  6. I never would have guessed USA would end up leading group C

  7. Too bad to see the Americans going home.

  8. Argentina is squashing their adversaries in the world cup. Argentina is plausibly going to win it all, I sympathize with whomever they’re playing next!

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