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Famous People Who Have Been Cryonically Preserved (Frozen)


The list is short, but could be growing, as there is a new found interest to have your body preserved by turning yourself into a Popsicle. This is done with the hope that the future will be able to not only successfully thaw the deceased person but to cure the ailment that put them into a non breathing state of being.


The most famous person to have himself frozen is not Walt Disney, who has widely been rumored to be an ice cube. That distinction lies with Ted Williams. A baseball player who was one of the greatest of his time.

Williams was a two-time American League Most Valuable Player (MVP) winner, led the league in batting six times, and won the Triple Crown twice. He had a career batting average of .344, with 521 home runs, and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1966. Source, Wikipedia.

Not to be outdone Ted’s son,  John Henry Williams also became cryogenically preserved. Maybe with the hopes that the “Field Of Dreams” could come true and they might be able to play catch once again, perhaps when the planet is actually nothing but a large hockey rink or if you believe in other scientists theories of global warming,  a desert.

Our third most famous stiff is Dick Clair (November 12, 1931 – December 12, 1988) was an American television producer,actor and television and film writer, best known for the television sitcoms It’s a LivingThe Facts of Life, and Mama’s Family. Thank god the genius behind The Facts of Life, might be able to bring our future inhabitants a revival of Trudy or Mama. Source, Wikipedia.


Unfortunately that is the end of anyone with some type of fame, unless you are a big fan of the Cryonic Movement. The next 7 are either part of ALCOR the largest human makers of frozen tubes to hold these poor icicles or mathematicians who believe that somehow their brain will actually be functional after decades of being in the deep freeze. They are, in no particular order:

Thomas K. Donaldson, a mathematician.

Dr. James Bedford, a psych professor.

FM-2030, Yeah, that was his real name.

Dora Kent, part of the ALCOR team

Jerry Leaf, was Alcor’s vice president.

By the way Walt Disney lies in state at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.


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13 Comments for “Famous People Who Have Been Cryonically Preserved (Frozen)”

  1. Well I don’t want to come back unless I can come back at 18 years of age. Just saying. It’s pretty interesting though. Wonder what will happen someday? It could you know.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  2. That was a great image to open this post with. Well, at least it got my attention right off.

  3. So I don’t get it… do they die and then are immediately frozen, in the hopes that whatever they died from will be cureable one day? Hmmm… the Catholic girl in me says, “But what about their SOUL!” Suppose the soul is in heaven and the body is resurrected. And the soul does not want to come back. You will then have yourself a ZOMBIE!

  4. Rokie

    Yeah! Bring on the Zombies. I’m sharpening my chainsaw right now

  5. ann

    I find the whole thing a bit creepy myself. I’ll just stick with the time I have left here and leave it at that.

    • Yes creepy but then again you have to be a rich wacko to be frozen for all the time it will take to find out how to bring them up after having their brain frozen for how many decades?

  6. Famous People Who Have Been Cryonically Preserved (Frozen) ~

  7. RT @Jankovitch Famous People Who Have Been Cryonically Preserved (Frozen) ~

  8. Their souls already left the flesh so how could these people be brought back to life in the future?
    Let us just say with the super high technology we have, someday they could make the frozen brains work but I doubt it would still be the same person. As the other commentators said, we will be encountering zombies!

  9. I’m surprised Michael Jackson did not do this. Surprising.

  10. Famous People Who Have Been Cryonically Preserved (Frozen) RT @sdesic

  11. Guy

    what about ur soul ? Haha wen ur dead your dead that it

  12. Gary Felline

    Meat’s no good after it’s been in the freezer too long… :)

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