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Newspaper Headlines That Make You Say Hmmm

As our beloved newspaper circulation dwindles, will classic flubs like these soon be a thing of the past? Hell no, not as long as you have grammar illiterates like yours truly to help fill in the void.


Also a shout out to all your Fathers out there. Happy Dads Day.

Homo Milk?

Of course every newspaper always gives us their locales pending nuptials. So in keeping with the tradition here are a few we thought were quite amusing.

Bonus. Have to give Nissan props for their advertisement on the new independent front suspension. Very clever and hard to take your eyes off them.

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8 Comments for “Newspaper Headlines That Make You Say Hmmm”

  1. as long as there are writters,the will always be goofs.

  2. ann

    I wonder if any of these sounded better before it went to print

  3. wow. I wonder what else Sheep could teach us?

  4. WHOAH, did Nissan put that on tv somewhere? Hysterical but surprising? I think I am just jealous.

    LOVE the headlines… I laughed outloud at several… especially b/c I had to re-read a few to get it… so I was laughing at myself too!

  5. So that’s what’s causing TIger’s sexual addiction. Maybe he should consider changing his brand of balls. If he’s using Nitro Blaster’s, maybe he should switch to Dunlop’s or something less testosterone sounding.

  6. RT @ahardrain: Newspaper Headlines That Make You Say Hmmm ##MOB

  7. Hilarious headlines! Whew!
    “Hippo eats dwarf”, really? LOL :)

  8. I am just glad as part of Tigers therapy, he sticks to playing with his own balls. Who keeps them warm for him though?

    Maybe he was part of the huge trouser blowout?

    Hope Tiger didn’t see the Nissan Ad, It got my putter fluttering.

    ‘Student excited Dad got head job’ Is just very-very wrong. Even for a dumass copy writer.


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