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Strong Ass Japanese Green Tea, Don’t Believe Me? Watch


The look on this girls face says it all. I just ordered a case for all my female neighbors. The way I figure, if all their hubby’s are happy, then they will owe me big time. No more mowing the grass or shoveling the snow for this guy. Of course the wives might be inclined to thank me also.

By the way, we are in negotiations with the company now to be the exclusive distributor for North America. If you want to be on our list, simply send $100 in unmarked bills to and we will be happy to set you up.  And don’t forget we are still taking deposits for an exclusive date with Kate Gosselin.


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5 Comments for “Strong Ass Japanese Green Tea, Don’t Believe Me? Watch”

  1. Bwahahahahaha! You gotta be kidding me man!
    Super hilarious! :D

  2. I wonder if it also works in reverse?

    Guys could lose their Man-Boobs–Down to the gut–Then force it down again to the small brain…

    Just sayin’


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  5. Damn, the video is not working! Fix it dude.. I wana see it so bad.. Please!

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