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The Ultimate Super Car: The Hybrid 100MPG Fisker Karma



Want speed? Want Class? Want 100 miles per gallon? Want heads to turn? Want to be one of a few that can drive the ultimate sports car? Then the Fisker Karma is ready to hit the road and make the lucky owner not only happy but leave no carbon footprint. This Finland made sport car is made at the same factory that unleashed the Porsche  Boxer. The Danish designer believes this is going to be a production car that would set the owner back about $88,000. We did a post a while back on the Fisker and thought a more in depth video of the process of this muscle beauty would be of interest to us guys who can dream. Or to the lucky few be a the owner of the ultimate car The Karma. We also like to thank Motor Week who originally broadcast the video.


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5 Comments for “The Ultimate Super Car: The Hybrid 100MPG Fisker Karma”

  1. I have my doubts that this car would be anywhere under $100K. Since it uses an Eco-Tec (Gub’ment Motors) 4-cylinder when not using the electric motors, there is not way for them to claim zero carbon footprint.

  2. The Ultimate Super Car: The Hybrid 100MPG Fisker Karma

  3. What a CARma! If you could afford this dream sports car, would you buy one? :)

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  5. Lee

    I would like to have one better than this, if there’s any. For now, I’ll just go have my car detailed first. :)

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