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One of Many Jobs That Americans Won’t Do, But Others Will Gladly!

After watching this video, it looked pretty easy. Gathering up 54 cards (52 plus two Jokers) and putting them into an unfolded box. The job consists of getting the cards, opening a box, slipping in the cards into that box, fold up both ends of the box then stack them into a larger box. I watched these guys a few times. They make it look easy. Why this couldn’t be done here in the US is obvious to me, it our work ethic, or lack there of.

They get 4 cents a box, so in order to make $10 an hour, you have to stuff, fold and re-stack cards to make them ready to place in a larger box for shipping.  So that means making 250 boxes an hour to make $10. Work a regular 8 hour day and that comes out to 2000 boxes a day. or 10,000 boxes a week to make $400 a week, of course minus taxes and insurances, that would come out to roughly $300 a week, for stuffing 10,000 boxes, folding 20,000 lids. If you folded 20,000 lids and shoved cards in 10,000 boxes, you too could be doing what these guys are doing in China or another many other smaller nations.

We bet you couldn’t find one American that would do this job.  Imagine someone here,  doing this for just one week, let alone a year. Here’s the real kicker. There are machines that can do the same job, faster and better. Why then, are these guys doing it instead of a machine. Economically they are cheaper then running a robotic machine.

This is just one example. This is also one of the reasons, the third world countries are not only doing these jobs, but they do not complain about them. To them it is their living. But here’s another kicker. That 4 cents a box pay they get, needs to be divided by half and that 8 hour day add on 8 more hours and that 5 day work week is actually 7 days a week. Than top that off, with paying for housing owned by the owners and buy their food, drink, soap etc at inflated prices.  Sleep in the company provided housing. They could go home, but by the time they walk or take an overcrowded bus or subway, it doesn’t make sense to get no or very little sleep f to do it all over again.

Yet still, no one whines or disses their job. They are blessed to have them. can you imagine? Why, because like us they too are in economic distress, like us, there just isn’t enough jobs for everyone.

No matter what country this is happening in. The next time you bitch about your job, watch this video a few times and buck up. We are so lucky that we were born here and not on the other side of the globe. To us, it is a video we look at and think, look wow amazingly fast he is. But to him he is just doing his job.

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4 Comments for “One of Many Jobs That Americans Won’t Do, But Others Will Gladly!”

  1. Well they don’t have welfare there. You work or you don’t eat. Just my two cents.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs. :)

  2. Ann

    I like Sandee’s comment. I think that’s half the problem here, don’t feel like supporting yourself, don’t worry our government will do it for you via our tax dollars.
    When I looked at the video I couldn’t help thinking how many of them end up with carpal tunnel problems.

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