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Just Another Day A Walmart

I personally never shop at Walmart.  I don’t necessarily boycott them because of  their practices. Even though I  believe they are, along with many of the other huge box store conglomerates, destroying what is left of the small mom and pop businesses. I mainly don’t shop there because it is always so busy and filled with odd looking people that look like they are out for their weekly visit from their trailers up in the hills. Not that there is anything wrong with trailers of hill people. I just try and avoid them as much as I can.

I have seen all kinds of crazy video clips of Walmart shoppers doing the craziest things. Maybe Walmart is a microcosm of what middle America is and what their shopping experiences truly are. I highly doubt the crazy videos I have personally viewed on YouTube and other video sites to be the “norm”, but this particular video made me think, just what the hell is wrong with the people that shop there.

If you notice in the video, it’s weird enough to see a passed out young girl embedded in the shopping cart. But no one around these two shoppers view anything abnormal or a bit strange. The cashier just goes about her way of checking them out and the guy who is unloading the cart doesn’t seem to notice what is piled in his cart as strange. Other than the fact that his cereal had been crushed.

I guess what struck me so odd is the apathy everyone displayed. This young woman is totally out of it. Is the guy who is with her, just put her in the cart and decide to go shopping? Why couldn’t he first have brought her home or to the hospital. I mean it looks as though she might be in need of some medical attention.

Nahhh, his priorities were set. Get the groceries, head through the drive through at Taco Bell for lunch, make sure he gets his cigs at 7/11, then head home and get everything in the fridge.  Oh well just another day of weirdness here on the internet.

There is also a small compilation of pictures from the People of Walmart

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9 Comments for “Just Another Day A Walmart”

  1. Ann

    Walmart is indeed a very strange place.

  2. Hi Glenn! There are two Walmart stores near us. We do not shop in the first one located in the area with low price homes and near an industrial zone, because of the atmosphere ( shoppers). But the other one located in the area of more expensive homes appears ok to me. We go to Walmart for my wife cigarettes, can goods and fruits/vegetables because it is much cheaper. We could to Raleighs for our beef, chicken and seafood. Raleigh’s is more expensive but we get better service and the atmosphere much much better than Walmart or K-Mart. It is just like Shoping In Macy’s or Neiman Marcus versus shopping in Pennys, Sears or Target.

  3. Gosh, i hope this chick isn’t on a milk cartoon somewhere. it’s sort of funny but sort of creepy too.

  4. They let the wildebeest out that day

  5. Haha this is pretty funny. It is always an experience going into Walmart and that is why I prefer Publix

  6. I don’t like Walmart, Kmart any of those impersonal profit giants. Occasionally though I find it necessary to patronize for specific items only to save the almight buck.
    We have a walmart in the same center as our grocery. She does groceries while I go to walmart not normally to buy. I go for entertainment purposes only. Oh! the sights we see.

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