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The Good Cop, The Bad Cop & The Perp, Burst Her Bubble

the perp

The Perp

A few posts back we wrote about the police in South Africa and their incredible car chase that ended up in shots fired and the driver being physically shot out of the car while it was still traveling. Now we get to take you up north by what looks to be an officer who obviously was having a bad PMS day. The female officer next to him, it looks, was smiling and enjoying the banter with this social worker who was eventuality arrested for blowing bubbles.


The Good Cop

It was at the G20 economic summit this past spring and why we missed it back then, thanks to YouTube we happened upon it now. this officer acted and thought of himslef as one bad ass. I am sure there is more to this and good old YouTube contributors know how to edit just the right parts of the whole event.


The Bad Cop

But still in all, even though we are not defending the woman from blowing bubbles, to arrest her for such a harmless act and listening to him, perhaps he might fit in much better with the South African Police force. At least there he can get to use his weapons all he wants, so it seems.


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2 Comments for “The Good Cop, The Bad Cop & The Perp, Burst Her Bubble”

  1. I wouldn’t have cared for it either and she was intentionally baiting the cops. Having that stuff on your face is awful. Just happened to me on our bay cruise. It’s awful. For what purpose was she standing in front of the cops blowing bubbles? I’ve seen this type of trash all my life. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  2. She got arrested because of bubble, awful. Lol, it was funny.

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