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What You Don’t Know About A Big Mac

Big Mac

You might have thought that a Big Mac is made up of: Two All Beef Patties, Special Sauce, Lettuce, Cheese, Pickles, Onion, Sesame Seed Bun.

Sorry to tell you that you would be wrong. According to the here are actually all of the ingredients that go into making a Big Mac. We have also included a short video on how one man decided to collect Big Macs and even opened up his own museum. Len Foley has all details at

We highly advise you to show your kids this post and let them make up their own minds the next time they get hungry and might have an inkling for some fast food. Oh and by the way, McDonald’s is not alone in the fast food ingredient splurge, just insert any other fast food chain into the heading you will pretty much come up with the same chemical compound.

Big Mac® Bun:
– Enriched flour (bleached wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid, enzymes)
– water
– high fructose corn syrup
– sugar
– soybean oil and/or partially hydrogenated soybean oil

The bun also contains 2% or less of the following:
– salt
– calcium sulfate
– calcium carbonate
– wheat gluten
– ammonium sulfate
– ammonium chloride
– sodium stearoyl lactylate *
– datem *
– ascorbic acid*
– azodicarbonamide*
– mono- and diglycerides*
– ethoxylated monoglycerides*
– monocalcium phosphate*
– enzymes*
– guar gum*
– calcium peroxide*
– soy flour*
– calcium propionate (preservative)
– sodium propionate (preservative)
– soy lecithin
– sesame seed.

* indicates: dough conditioner

Big Mac® Sauce:
– Soybean oil
– pickle relish (which is made of:)
– diced pickles
– high fructose corn syrup
– sugar
– vinegar
– corn syrup
– salt
– calcium chloride
– xanthan gum
– potassium sorbate (preservative)
– spice extractives
– polysorbate 80
– distilled vinegar
– water
– egg yolks
– high fructose corn syrup
– onion powder
– mustard seed
– salt
– spices
– propylene glycol alginate
– sodium benzoate (preservative)
– mustard bran
– sugar
– garlic powder
– vegetable protein (hydrolyzed corn, soy and wheat) – fancy name for MSG
– caramel color
– extractives of paprika
– soy lecithin
– turmeric (color)
– calcium disodium EDTA (protect flavor).

Hmmmm yummy huh? Some of these ingredients are actually banned in other countries. Speaking of other countries here is the price of a Big Mac worldwide based on a 2005 survey:

big mav index

Looks like even Kim K enjoys an occasional Big Mac

Mc Kim

To MOB this is what a Big Mac actually looks like:

Mac Bunny


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13 Comments for “What You Don’t Know About A Big Mac”

  1. I sure love that big mac but didnt think they would last that long

  2. Bob

    So? I’m still gonna eat McDonalds. What’s the point in living to a 100 years old if you can’t eat what you want? I’m extremely tired of people saying ”oh, this is bad for you!” I. DON’T. GIVE. A. GODDAMN. SHIT.

    Eat my meat patty.

  3. RT @ahardrain: What You Don’t Know About A Big Mac #fitblog

  4. Even after reading that I still LOVE a Big Mac!

  5. “What’s the point in living to a 100 years old if you can’t eat what you want?” AMEN BOB!

  6. lol it would take a lot to keep away from the occasional big mac. Have one every four months or so. Maybe if most of the healthy food didn’t taste like paper, I’d eat better. Until then, hand over the sour cream jugs!

  7. Bob

    Thanks for seeing my point of view, guys and girls!

    The world is going to hell, slowly rotting. Don’t might if we have fun along the ride to our final crash, right?

    I got something else to add for this article:

    What You Don’t Know About A Big Mac:

    Thing number 1: People love it no matter what you tell them what’s inside of it. Plastic cheese? It looks pretty good to me. That’s not meat? Well, it’s playing the part.

    Seriously, though, I LIKE Bigmacs, don’t love them. I said I love Bigmacs because Mcdonalds are known for the Bigmacs so I used the Bigmac as my prime example. I love those junior chicken thingies. (L) Dayyyyum!

    Mcdonalds is cheap compared to most places to eat, it’s fast, drive-tru, and always smells awesome. Is it only me or if my heart would be immortal i’d eat Mcdonalds every day? :P

  8. RT @ahardrain: What You Don’t Know About A Big Mac #MOB #bigmac #mcdonalds #fastfood #nutrition

  9. What’s terrible. I think big mac become the very junk junk food. And stop to eat junk food. Save your life now!!!!

  10. Really sickening: ingredients of a Big Mac: #food #junkfood #world #culture @McDonald

  11. RT @carlo_spinelli: Really sickening: ingredients of a Big Mac: #food #junkfood #world #culture @McDonald

  12. Really sickening: ingredients of a Big Mac: #food #junkfood #world #culture @McDonalds

  13. Peter Griffin

    After reading this, I still don’t know what’s in a Big Mac. It would be more effective if the effects of these ingredients would be summarized. The only effective part was,”Some of these ingredients are actually banned in other countries.” Everything else was “so what?”

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