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End Of Our Liberty. Forget About The Pursuit Of Happiness.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?

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Everyday is another day closer to a complete total collapse of our countries economic system. At least the way we’ve come to know it.  The loss of our individual freedoms are rapidly being taken from each of us. And rapidly. Where once the land of the free was a cornerstone of our constitution, new amendments are being passed so quickly under the guise of “Homeland Security” that soon, one of the greatest human rights document written will be a shell of the original intent of our forefathers.

Why vote?  Politicians have nothing to give, they can only take and give to others. Politicians cannot create jobs, cannot change the surge of corporate takeover.  The American people create jobs, entrepreneurs who are faced with ever increasing red tape, taxes and lack of governmental help, are quickly becoming extinct. Gone are the mom and pops and replaced by huge conglomerates that own the politicians THEY put into office. Puppet politicians that promise the people whatever they need to hear to get elected. Obama on The View, Jon Stewart, Facebook?  Hey let’s face it, our politicians are so out of touch, because they themselves are treated like a Hollywood star instead of a civil servant. We have paid more attention to what the First Lady wore at the inauguration, then what the Presidential address consisted of.

Taxes, taxes, taxes. IRS, state and local taxes. Small business can no longer survive.  And when I say small business if this blog was being written in Philadelphia, new laws are being created that a blogger will have to pay a $300 license to write their blog. Here in NY the local news ran a story how the police were cracking down on every minor infraction possible in order to write a ticket, in order to create state income via fines. I myself was recently one of those people who had been stopped and fined for a dirty licence plate. A plate that was clean as a whistle and even if I went to court how could I prove it was clean at the moment the ticket was written? I couldn’t and it would be my word against the officers. I know he did not want to write the ticket he was merely following his orders to do so. $195 for a dirty plate?

Want to have a garage sale, think again. Bills are being passed to have you pay taxes and permits to hold one. Even with the permits you can be fined and sued over selling a simple toy that could be on a recall list. Go to the Pawn Shop, be ready to get finger printed and picture taken. On the NY Thruway, if you give the toll taker a $20 your plate is documented. Why??? WTF is going on?

One bill that recently passed under the guise of health reform, had attached to it a section that will require anyone buying anything over $600 will have to submit a 1099 form. This we believe, is directed to anyone who purchases gold or silver. The bill was passed and starting Jan 1st everyone must fill one out. How can all these 1099′s get processed? How many people will have to be hired to go through the avalanche of new red tape? Anyone in a small business will have to make sure these forms are sent out, again how many new hires will have to be hired to produce these new 1099′s? And all these new jobs will produce nothing, manufacture nothing.

Where does it all stop? This video below will open your mind and while it is not a 5 minutes long, it is worth watching it to the end. This video is not aimed at any political party, not Republican nor Democrat. We implore you to watch this video and send the link to everyone you can. Before long the video could be taken down or blocked. This isn’t out of the question any longer, now that the government has control over the net.

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6 Comments for “End Of Our Liberty. Forget About The Pursuit Of Happiness.”

  1. I’m taking a cruise next February and I’m not looking forward to the airports one bit.

    Our government is way too big. All these economic issues of late I call economic cleansing. The rich taking from the rest of us. Plain and simple.

    Scary. :(

  2. A person

    Yeah, the government is massive and continue to grows at an absurd rate. People work to have their wages garnished by the federal reserve, essentially making them slaves for 1/4th of the year.
    There are around 500 individuals responsible for these ideas, and I agree strongly that there is no point in voting, thanks to rigged elections, the committee system, and incumbents getting re-elected a vast majority of the time, you are probably wasting your time entirely to vote at all.
    So what are you going to do about it? Write another article? Those who will listen had a pre-disposition towards authority long before this was written, and those who’s eyes will be opened will have it done by the cold hard reality they find when things like massive fines, or any involvement in the judicial system is involved in their -personal- life.
    I say, smash the federal reserve, get rid of income taxes, tax purely on sales tax, get rid of the 500 or so and make it a law that a ‘politician’ can never be a professional one, meaning they are elected once and never again. No more of this committee bs. The system is broken and corrupt.

  3. A person

    I just watched about 20 minutes of the video in the link, a lot of old news to myself but certainly worth a watch. However, I can’t watch it any further than I have. It shakes me up a bit more than I can stand. There are so many people in these situations, and so few are ready and willing to do anything about this problem. I hope for a radical change soon, I just hope that it doesn’t require another civil war.

  4. End Of Our Liberty. Forget About The Pursuit Of Happiness. | Man …

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