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AssBook Soon To Become FaceBooks Biggest Competitor



Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. God almighty, what the fuck is so great about Facebook? No matter where you go now a days, there is Facebook, or as many refer to it FB. It’s in the movie theather, on the local news, the radio and your neighbors computer. What ever hapened to people sending a letter, or a card? What about people stopping over to see your home videos of your last vacation?

Have a cold, share it on FB. Got dumped? Change your status on FB. Have the urge to grow some veggies? Join Farmville, like you can eat anything from Farmville.

Jeesh the little twerp who invented(stole) the idea is the worlds youngest BILLIONAIRE.  How? Why? For What?

Starting a business, make sure you’re on FB. Are you a blogger? Better get on FB. Share it on FB, from warts to blowjobs, it’s all there on FB.

We think it’s time to get off of FB. Because we have no clue as to why we joined in the first place. Peer pressure? Stupity? Because everyone else was joining?

We for one believe someone should come up with Assbook. That would be closer to the truth. To be totally honest we might know 20 people out of the 600 “friends” on FB.

Yup we are an ass too for joining.

PS: Keep an eye out for Twitters newest rival also “Shitters”



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11 Comments for “AssBook Soon To Become FaceBooks Biggest Competitor”

  1. I have an account, but it’s deactivated. I just can’t stand that place. It’s so…so…JUVENILE.

    Have a terrific day Glenn. Big hug. :)

  2. Nice song on the video old school Rocks :)

  3. I still don’t see much benefit with facebook. I do get traffic hear and there, but I prefer twitter.

  4. Ann

    I have both facebook and twitter and don’t use either. I can’t stand them. Not sure why I joined twitter but facebook was because everyone I work with and all my family is on there.

  5. I *heart* facebook. Its actually helped bring my family closer together. Since we live far apart from each other – its been a great way to share photos and keep up with each other’s lives.

  6. Me too don’t like facebook.I just joined it because everyone else i know was there. As far as traffic from facebook is concerned i didn’t saw any traffic coming from that.

  7. Facebook for some people have some advantages especially to get contact with old friends, but I think the facebook owner still doesn’t have big attention about personal data security. Because some people make an application to get personal data form another person and sometimes they will use this to get bad control to another.

  8. Assbook

    I think somebody’s ploughed ahead with the whole “” idea – nothing quite so powerful as an idea who’s time has come, hey? ;)

    PS.- The video in your original post got removed :(

  9. me

    i dont like facebook either ,,as far as traffic, there is a lot , they should put traffic lights…

  10. ThirstyFish

    Ever seen LMS? Stands for (Like My Status)
    I see people writing shit like…
    #1. LMS if your boyfriend is cheating on you…
    #2. Or LMS if you are gay…
    #3. or shit like….. LMS if you’re up this morning.
    #4. Then, what really bothered me is now people are just leaving a simple “LMS”

    AND THAT’S IT……. i found a few people with several hundred “Likes” ALL BECAUSE THE PERSON WROTE.. “LMS”

    that’s not even a fucking status…. it’s in the air. lmfao

    FACEBOOK = a place to either promote your business on, OR be a fucking loser idiot without a life. PICK ONE. nothing in between

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