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STARTLING REPORT! Experts: Missile was CHINESE – President KNEW IT

jin class submarine

In a follow up from an earlier post in regards to the missile contrail that appeared off the California coast, was in actuality a Chinese missile. Was this a  message sent from China? More then likely this missile was launched from a Chinese Jin Class nuclear submarine. NORAD indeed identified the missile immediately and relayed the information to the President. The question is why the cover up and what exactly is going on between the US and China? The official statement released from the White House and the Pentagon last week that the contrail was that of an aircraft. And according to the Pentagon the case is closed.

While we are in no way claiming to be an expert in aircraft or missile technology. It doesn’t take a genius to see from the previous video here, this was indeed that of a missile and not an aircraft. So the obvious question is why the cover up and how can our government be so blatant in the lies they have been feeding us? Why did the Chinese launch this in the first place and why so close to our western coastline? This map shows the launch as close as 35 miles west of Los Angelas.

map of launch

This is not going to go away and while we don’t condone anyone trying to upset the apple cart, we believe as an American citizen living in an open society, we deserve, no demand the truth. The government for the people, by the people is forgetting one major component of our once  great constitution. We the people.

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  1. I told you NORAD knows everything that’s up there. We are in trouble aren’t we? Yes we are.

    Have a terrific day Glenn. Big hugs. :)

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