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What Has Become Of US?


We present two videos today to our readers. Two important examples of what the state of OUR nation has become. From the empty halls of congress, that has been nothing more, than a mindless group of elected representatives. Representatives that refuse or cannot come to terms with one another, in order to communicate and safe guard their constituents, US.

Every day that passes, brings us closer to the brink of a complete societal breakdown. This is not something that “just happened”, it has been an ongoing process, in which apathy has replaced involvement. Why do we refuse to come to terms with a certain meltdown and care more about clearing the grocery shelves the days before Thanksgiving to sit together and over eat. Than to prepare to stand in line for hours again to clear the shelves of newest consumer gadget, paid for incredibly by credit cards. A system of buying something, that either will be paid back over many months at inflated interest rates or added to a mounting debt, that will never be paid back.

Are we burying our heads deeper into the sand, do we actually believe, somehow the economy will bounce back, because it always has? Have we resigned ourselves to accepting that our once proud nation is on a collision course of destruction? Does anyone give a damn?

We enjoy our levity and mindless posts here at MOB. But to us it is also important to try and awaken anyone who will listen and start to use whatever means available to you. To help spread the word and enlist your efforts to help bring about change.  Before uncontrolled change is delivered upon us, without any recourse other then accepting the fate of US becoming a third world country with the most powerful army on earth.

Is this what we want to give to our children? We have always been able to state, that our children will have a better life then we had. Can we say that anymore?

The Madness Of A Lost Society

Our Government At Work

A whopping 86% of Americans believe that their government is broken—an 8-point increase from 2006, according to a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey.

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5 Comments for “What Has Become Of US?”

  1. Thank God I wasn’t one of the greedy, ridiculous bastards shopping on BF. What has Christmas become? I had a girlfriend almost get stomped to death. You people should be ashamed OF YOURSELVES, BUT REALLY, YOU’LL NEVER BE!!!

  2. I can’t believe those people in the first video. What a bunch of clods. I’ve never shopped on Black Friday and I never will. Good grief, they really should be ashamed of themselves, but like Lauren said they will never be.

    As for the second video. Those in Washington D.C. and I don’t care what party they belong to had better start listening to us. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day Glenn. Big hug. ;)

  3. Jim

    I am from Russia. And we ask the same questions. This world has gone mad, dammit! We are stuffed some garbage. It’s called politics, economic benefits … Anything …

  4. jonyx

    I’m still awaiting the day when everyone comes to senses in an instant. When most start thinking that those dudes and dudelettes up there are no more than people, although more greedy than norm. I think it’s a bit of the “it is what it is” mentality, but somehow someway some of the useless bugs in Politics need to realize that when everyone stops listening to them, well what can they do when the whole lot of us turns around and says f you? Surprising that the breaking point has yet to be reached.

    I’m watching from afar..I once anticipated going back but I consider US an embarrassment if anything. I personally like to say I was born in NYC but I have no real affiliation/pride for or with any country or people. I’d like to believe in the idea of karma but seeing the shenanigans that some people get away with…it’s hard to feel like there is any. At some point you just need the “leader” or leaders that finally helps to make the push for the rest of the bodies that are experiencing the rage over the current situation, but whose home comforts like net, reality tv crap…keeps at bay.

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