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The Dangers Of Texting In Malls in Massachusetts

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Why you shouldn’t text while shopping. Well actually texting before shopping. Before you know it, they will have laws about texting and driving. The good thing is the AT&T kiosk was only around the corner. The bad thing, no cell phone insurance. The good thing no need to shower that day. The bad thing, it was 8 below zero in Massachusetts. The good thing, it was a Monday morning and not busy, the bad thing, high tech security cameras with empathetic employees.

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6 Comments for “The Dangers Of Texting In Malls in Massachusetts”

  1. Now that was funnier than heck. Texting is dangerous indeed. Where we live everyone is driving and texting. Not us, but you just see almost everyone texting while driving.

    Thanks for the giggles Glenn. Big hug. :)

  2. I laughed so hard I choked on my coffee. I have been guilty of texting and walking -and right into a glass door, in a restaurant, in front of tons of people. Fortunately, no one captured ME on video. At least I hope not!

  3. The fountain cut her off. Meanwhile, there was probably a robbery occurring at the other end of the mall. Real life once again trumps fiction. Loved it! Thanks Glen.

  4. This is too funny! Gosh! It must be the most embarrassing experience of that star in the video, LOL!

    Now that would warn especially Filipinos like me who just loves to text, LOL!

    I still can’t control my laughter, Glenn! Hahahaha!

  5. “Extreme texting” such as this (in my city it even gets more extreme: texting during riding a motorcycle!) defines the true meaning of no-brainer. You must have no brain to do it.

  6. the really funny thing is this asshat wants to sue the mall over her stupidity by not watching where she was going!

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