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Jennifer Lopez To Ricky Gervais “I will kill you”

Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais got in a joke about Jennifer Lopez’s flashy spending habits on stage, but it may have been much worse — if J.Lo hadn’t threatened his life.

Speaking to Access Hollywood about Gervais’ bruising and controversial evening hosting the Globes, Lopez said that Gervais was gutsy — but she was more so.


“He’s very gutsy, it takes a lot of guts to get up there and make the comments he made and go for that type of comedy,” she said. “I’m sure in his mind it was all in good fun. But in the room, being in the room it was like, eek… Then, when I go backstage to present, I’m backstage with Alec [Baldwin], we’re about to walk out, and Ricky shows up. I say, ‘Listen! I will kill you, you understand, I am from New York, my husband fights, we both fight, we will beat you up after the show… with a couple of bleep bleeps in there.”

Gervais assured Lopez that she’d like the joke, and in the end, she didn’t mind his joke, or being made fun of in general.

Overall, she thinks he did an alright job, but perhaps went a little bit below the belt. Not that Gervais cares – he’s not returning to host next year, anyway.

Reprinted from the Huffington Post

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10 Comments for “Jennifer Lopez To Ricky Gervais “I will kill you””

  1. We don’t have television and when we did we never watched this, so well…don’t care. Hollyweird just doesn’t blow my skirt up.

    Have a terrific day. Big hugs. :)

  2. If he wanted attention (Ricky) he sure got it. I didn’t watch the globes but have seen more about the presenting than I care to. Mission accomplished, Mr. Gervais.

  3. my friend Shawn said it perfectly when she said, “I thought Gervais was brilliant and funny. Tasteless? Perhaps. Is anyone seriously complaining that he made fun of Mel Gibson? The humour was ill suited for the show but that is his style. You don’t invite Bruce Springsteen to the Grammies and ask his to sing opera.”

    I mean REALLY people!

  4. I see no reason for Ricky Gervais to apologize for telling a couple jokes, sometimes the truth hurts, other times it is hilarious…either way it always needs to be told . I personally believe that there is nothing funnier than speaking the absolute unadulterated truth…well done Mr Gervais .

  5. So it’s no big surprise that for Jennifer Lopez

  6. Theres is so many jokes to be told about Jennifer Lopez so the big news here is that he diddnt tell more than he did

  7. The truth be told. And always. the truth hurts. Just that it was told at JLo’s expense. Is prudence necessary for expressingthe truth?

  8. I thought it was pretty funny, why do people have to be so damn sensitive?

  9. Evidently the idiots who hired him haven’t seen The Office or Extras. I was not awfully surprised. Through what I could possibly tell, he proceeded to go easy on the audience.

  10. Let’s be honest. These celebrities need a swift kick in the ass sometimes. I mean let’s face it. Most of the comments he said were true. The Tourist totally sucked! Charlie Sheen is ridiculous. He has the number one show on tv (WHO’S WATCHING THIS PIG?), he beats his girlfriends, and he sleeps with porn stars. I feel feisty tonight!!!! lol

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