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New York Wants To Ban The SAFE Electronic Cigarette Please Pass This On

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We have been a big advocate of the use and purchase of the new electronic cigarettes, that have helped us and many people we know help to stop stopping regular tobacco cigarettes. The FDA and Big Business wants to ban these devices that have helped people stop smoking. This is going to help push many ex smokers back to smoking tobacco and breathe in over 400 carginogens that each cigarette contains.

Here is a link to an ongoing thread at ECF, for those of you who want to read more and add your own words. ECF Thread

If you could please help MOB stop this bill that is trying to pass in New York and as goes New York, goes the country. We have included an easy copy and paste and ask you send this to your assemblyman/woman and to help make sure we help get all tobacco smokers to become ex smokers. This is a life saving device.

Copy and Paste the below letter to stop the ban. Thank You

Dear Assemblymen/women,

After many years of smoking, I now use an electronic cigarette/nicotine vaporizer instead of smoking. Section 2 of proposed legislation A1468 would ban the sale of electronic cigarettes/nicotine vaporizers to adults and I would no longer be able to purchase them in New York State. I am sure that you would not want your constituents to start smoking tobacco cigarettes again, but this will be the unintended consequence of the proposed bill.

These devices are the one thing that finally helped me stop smoking after trying so many other ways. Tobacco cigarettes deliver many dangerous chemicals, but electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine without those dangerous chemicals. I can breathe better and I feel better. I don’t cough and I don’t smell awful anymore. I know that you have been told that e-cigarettes contain dangerous chemicals, but this is not true.

The information you have been given has been proven incorrect many times and in the past 12 months additional research (for example has shown these products to be a safer alternative to smoking and effective for hundreds of thousands of people as a substitute for traditional tobacco cigarettes. Two federal courts have already told the FDA that the e-cigarette may not be regulated as a smoking cessation product/drug delivery device.

I would ask you to please get more current information on the product and to educate yourself before voting on this bill. I am a member of National Vapers Club and while we support bans on sales to minors we cannot support this bill without an amendment striking section 2 of the bill. There is a short 8 minute video and a web page that we can send to our legislators so that they may educate themselves before they vote on such an important issue. Here is a link. This is the information packet with the studies referred to in the video. We hope that you will take the time to educate yourself so that you can help protect the health of your constituents who use this product as a safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Your Name

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  1. Perhaps big tobacco got to these legislators. They have been throwing their weight about since the first tobacco plant was planted. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day Glenn. Big hug. :)

  2. I was almost desperate to get rid of this smoking habit.

  3. New York Wants To Ban The SAFE Electronic Cigarette Please Pass …: We have been a big advocate of the use and …

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