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Our Next Prez? Mr. Obama “You’re Fired”

The Republicans are in good shape to take back the Oval Office, especially seeing todays falling poll numbers for Mr. Obama. Of course we still can’t rule out that fine political mind of  Sarah Palin,  (God help us all if she gets in). But in the past ten years we don’t disregard anything.  Besides, as our previous post brought up, all it takes is a good IT guy to fix the numbers.

And for those men that wold like to recreate the famous come over here is the 4 part details:

Thank God we will have her as First Lady:

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9 Comments for “Our Next Prez? Mr. Obama “You’re Fired””

  1. What a comb over!!!!! It’s better than I thought!!!! Oh yes, Palin is frightening.

    What do you think Trump’s hair looks like in the morning? Oh, and his wife did NOT marry him for money. Honest.

  2. if trump runs maybe that will cause Presidenr Obama to be relected. I sure as hell would not vote for trump.

  3. God that hair. He’s scary, Palin is scary and Obama is scary, The whole lot of them. The new first lady is hot though. Bwahahahahahahaha.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  4. I don’t trust Trump after he specifically told the winner of the Miss USA Pageant(Of course he owns it) not to tell the public about her family being terrorist. Why would Americas what someone who hinds terrorist from the public eye.

  5. Oops I think I have landed on the wrong site. I was looking for Mens Interest kinds of stuff like, boobies, a good wet t-shirt contest, funny videos.

    I have absolutely no interest/opinion on Politics, I’ll leave that to the ‘experts’.

    Aloha…have a knarley week dudes…

  6. Gogo new president! And first lady is amazing.

  7. Trump bankrupted (it’s got a nice ring to it) his casino three times. I guess if first you don’t succeed…. Is it me or does Trump look like Gary Busey? It was so sad when Gary got fired.

  8. Abs

    Thank you for at least adding in a shot of the first lady at the end. That was just too much ugly all in one page.

  9. Lol. Those pictures are hilarious. In all seriousness though, I think Donald Trump would make a better president that a lot of the other current candidates.

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