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Introducing America’s Newest Comedian


When he ins’t announcing who our troops killed recently, or how much it will cost, all of us to get the newest health care card. You can see him doing stand up at local haunts, in and around DC. Going by his stage name “BO” take a look at his most recent lampoon of one Donald “Where the birth certificate” Trump.

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8 Comments for “Introducing America’s Newest Comedian”

  1. I do NOT like to comment on anything politics. But this is making me laugh.

  2. Don E. Chute

    He punk’d Trump. The first decent thing he has done in office.


  3. Chicago Home Remodeling

    I’m laughing at the background laughter. They don’t seem Is that BO’s way of making himself funny? Lol


  4. Evan Foster

    At least he’s not George Bush, and that’s something that should bring a smile to all of us!

  5. glasses

    for us in in Isarel isvery good

  6. well i remember this guy with his smile,
    very inspiring, thanks


    He’s a regular Bob Hope, what with his comedic timing and visiting the troops in between rounds of golf. Haha. His response when asked about the lack-luster “shovel ready projects” was classic. “Shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected.” Ahh…what a card! Hopefully in 2012, we get some people in office who take the economic welfare of our country seriously.

  8. Harris@Loss Assessor

    Ha! Evans comment made me laugh as much as the article did!!

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